Sunday, February 10, 2013

1990 - I COME IN PEACE or Dark Angel

Back to the crap.  Dolph Lundgren is a tough Houston cop on the trail of a gang of drug dealers.  Little does he know that one of these dealers is actually an alien from outer space using people as a source of his illegal alien drug supply.  As is typical with these types of films, Dolph is teamed up with a nerdy FBI agent to hunt down the evil alien drug dealer.  So what we have here is The Terminator crossed with 48 Hours.

I Come in Peace is a Craig R. Bakley film.  Who is Craig R. Bakley?  Apparently a veteran stunt coordinator and 2nd unit director so there are lots of explosions and car chases which are fairly well done.

For as stupid as this plot is, I've seen worse.

91 minutes.

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