Sunday, February 10, 2013

1967 - LIVE FOR LIFE or Vivre pour vivre

What a piece of romantic crap.  The director Claude Lelouch had a big hit with A Man and a Woman so going back to the well again he came up with this slop about a crusading French journalist who has an affair with an American model.

To make the film look hip and contemporary for the 1960's Lelouch shot a lot of it with a hand held camera and did he ever shot it with a hand held camera.  This thing is so jittery that is guaranteed to make a viewer seasick just sitting though it.

The acting by Yves Montand seems to consist mostly of him chain smoking in close up.  Candice Bergen plays an American model named "Candice".  Bergen was actually a model before she became an actress so we get lots of shots of her doing her blonde 60's pouting model poses which is just as well considering she can't act.

Live for Life was made during the United States involvement in the Vietnam War which the French were highly critical ofThis is part of the subtext of the film and is kind of offensive in what is a basically a sloppy cornball love story with absolutely no weight to it.

130 minutes.

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