Sunday, February 10, 2013

1969 - SOME GIRLS DO, sequel to Deadlier Than the Male

For a little bit of context, Some Girls Do was filmed at Pinewood studios at the same time as On Her Majesties Secret Service.

Was the first Bulldog Drummond film, Deadlier Than the Male such a success that audiences demanded a sequel?

The plot is about evil Carl Peterson attempting to destroy the first SST.  Peterson was played by Nigel Green and killed by Drummond in the first film but apparently brought back to life and recast as a goof ball for this film.  The film also brings back the sexy female assassin bit as well with Daliah Lavi and her chest in the Elke Sommer role and Beba Loncar as the ditsy blonde killer previously played by Sylva Koscina.

Some Girls Do is basically a film about girls. How many girls can the director Ralph Thomas get into really short skirts or swimsuits or cleavage enhancing costumes?  What actually happened to these young women anyway, do they proudly point to Some Girls Do as a career high point for them when they are babysitting their grandchildren.

88 minutes.

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