Monday, March 15, 2010

2009 - OBSERVE AND REPORT, a comedy about the Sarah Palin crowd

Nasty but pretty funny comedy from the writer/director Jonah Hill.

Seth Rogen plays a security guard at a crappy shopping mall who dreams of someday becoming a police officer.  The problem is that he is a bi-polar psychotic nutcase who decides to go off his meds.

Observe and Report is extremely good at capturing that segment of the population that seems to be in the news most of the time these days.  It's that group that sees the American Dream passing them by. The basically stupid and ill informed Palin/Tea Party crowd that can't see past their myopic vision of the Christian way of life.

Observe and Report captures the lives of these disenfranchised nut jobs better than any You Tube video ever could.  This film has a great feeling for it's tacky shopping center setting with the crappy mall kiosks and shitty food courts that take up rental space.  The actors do a great job creating characters that sane(?) people don't want to think even exist about much less go anywhere near. 

Probably as close as you are going to get for political satire in film these days.  Not a comforting film, but a very funny one.

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