Monday, March 22, 2010

1974 - TRUCK TURNER, incredibly entertaining exploitation film

Musician Isaac Hayes is bounty hunter Truck Turner who is caught in the middle of a pimp war in LA.

This low budget film is  incredibly well directed by Jonathan Kaplan who mixes humor with lots of gun play and action.  Hayes would never be confused for Laurence Olivier, but he has a commanding presence and it's fun to see him beat the crap out of white racists.  Hayes also has a real big gun. 

The actor Yaphet Kotto, is in the film as a pimp trying to kill Truck Turner, and his performance is  intense.  Apparently nobody told him he was in a film about black pimps shooting it out all over Los Angeles.  Kotto has an excellent death scene in a hospital shootout which is definitely a highlight of the film.

Critics have noted that the hospital shootout clearly influenced John Woo's hospital shootout in Hard Boiled.  

Truck Turner is an outstanding example of very talented people working on a small budget in a somewhat disreputable genre and succeeding in making a very good film.

91 minutes.

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