Saturday, March 27, 2010

1946 - DRESSED TO KILL, Basil Rathbone IS Sherlock Holmes Nigel Bruce IS Dr. Watson

The final final film in the amazing 14 film series (made in 7 years) of Sherlock Holmes films filmed during the 1940's.  These films were mostly set during World War II with Holmes fighting the Nazi's or some bizarre modern day master criminal.

We saw this at our local revival theater which also ran the last chapter of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, which was pretty lame although watching those guys fly around in their phallic spaceships is clearly a sight to see. 

In Dressed to Kill, after Dr. Watson's friend "Stinky" is killed.  Sherlock Holmes must figure out the secret to three music boxes which will lead him to some stolen treasury plates some counterfeiters are after. The mystery is a little obvious and Holmes makes some pretty big leaps of deduction during the film but this is a good little 76 minute time killer.

If Rathbone and Bruce may not have exactly been like the characters in the Conan Doyle books they are still very good as these classic characters. Dressed to Kill is your basic old movie mystery with clues dished out along the way and the detective puzzling the whole thing out.  In many ways it's more entertaining than that Robert Downey ADD mess of a film

Apparently 14 films was finally enough for Basil Rathbone although Nigel Bruce wanted to continue the series.  Research into this film revealed that Rathbone and Bruce also starred in a 200 episode radio series The New Adventures of Sherlock Homes that also ran between 1939 and 1946. 

Pretty incredible stuff.

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