Sunday, November 15, 2009

2009 - JULIE AND JULIA Kill me now

Amy Adams cements her reputation as the most sexless young star in Hollywood. Meryl Streep has found a role where she manages to embarrass herself even more than in Mama Mia.
Nora Ephron the writer/director/producer of this epic chick flick pitches this movie to the most baseless stereotype, stupid, insecure, neurotic, females.

The story tells two tales:

1. Perky Julie Powell is suffocating in an office cubicle working in the horror of New York City. Her high powered successful friends intimidate her with their wonderful careers but sweet Julie finds empowerment by cooking and blogging her way through the Julia Child cookbook, success follows. By the end of the film Julie has a really cool dinner party on the rooftop of her apartment in Queens with the twinkling lights of New York in the background.

2. Zany Julia Child married to a mid level career diplomat gets a posting in France where to fill her time she takes a cooking class and becomes a master chef. She authors a cookbook on french cooking, success follows. By the end of the film the audience gets to watch a clip from the Dan Ackroyd, Saturday Night Live skit where he played Julia Child oh boy haven't seen that for a while.

The "J's" both have supportive husbands, however Julie is a big meanie to her sweet husband and she has a temper tantrum when a recipe doesn't turn out and oh boy I mean she drives her really wonderful husband out of their apartment. Julia doesn't do anything that mean but she does have to endure Meryl Streep's terrible impersonation of her with that stupid Julia Child voice for almost two hours.

This movie is a witless mess. An episode of Sex in the City had more clever dialog than this piece of junk, it was also better acted. The above picture is Amy Adams recreating the "cooking the lobster" scene from Annie Hall because if it was funny in that movie it will be funny in this film..maybe.

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