Saturday, November 28, 2009

2009 - JENNIFER'S BODY failed feminist high school horror film

Diabo Cody's rework of Carrie where Carrie is now a cheerleader who is possessed by the devil and starts eating high school boys for nourishment.

This movie attempts to walk the line between horror movie, high school comedy and a tale of teenage girlfriends.  It belly flops at all of these things.  Diablo Cody's hipster slang talk is not that clever and it constantly shatters the mood of the horror in the film.   Mixing all of those different genres would  have taken a lot of skill and cleverness from a really talented writer, and Diablo Cody isn't there yet.   Besides nobody talks like this.

Megan Fox is sort of attractive in a barbie doll kind of way, but she wears an awful lot of makeup which gives her kind of a pasty look and she can't really act which is a huge issue for her. 

Since Fox's acting sucks,  she can't create any sympathy for her character as the prettiest girl in school who is now a succbus.   Jennifer's Body was her shot at the brass ring but the film lets her down bigtime.  

If the intended audience was teenage girls the filmmakers really misjudged their audience, I doubt the subject matter would have ever appealed to them.   If the other intended audience was teenage boys,  scenes of the girls bonding wasn't going to lure them in.  Even a five minute girl on girl make out session obviously put in to titillate was pretty lame stuff.

Jennifer's Body must have seemed like a good idea, the production team was the same group that made Juno, Diablo Cody had won her academy award for writing Juno and they had  hired the supposed superbabe of the month Megan Fox.  The problem was that Megan Fox is pretty much a creation of US magazine, Diablo Cody writes like she grew up in the 1990's which she did and Juno really wasn't that good a film.

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