Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1976 - THE PAUL LYNDE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, self explainatory

Paul Lynde spends Halloween night in a haunted house inhabited by two witches. One of the witches is played by of all people, Margaret Hamilton in her Wicked Witch of the West costume from the Wizard of Oz. I think the other witch is the actor who played Witchiepoo in that Sid and Marty Kroft show H.R Pufenstuf.

Anyway, Paul gets 3 wishes from the witches. One of the wishes turns him into a rhinestone cowboy truck driver who is about to marry Roz "Pinky Tuscedaro" Kelly, who was Fonzie's girlfriend for a couple of Happy Days episodes. Paul's competition for Pinky is guest star Tim Conway. This sketch was not very funny.

Paul's second wish turns him into an Arab sheik where he romances special guest star Florence Henderson in a Rudolph Valentino silent movie bit, also not very funny. I can't remember what the last wish was, but I'm sure that bit wasn't funny as well.

Well, everyone ends up at a Halloween Disco party, where Florence Henderson does a disco version of "That Old Black Magic" which was kind of awful.

But the big guest stars are the rock group KISS, in what I believe is their first appearance on TV. KISS performs some songs and Paul gets to crack a lot of unfunny "kiss" jokes.

I am leaving out a couple of "special" guest stars. Betty White and Donny and Marie show up for a few minutes along with Billy Barty (Paul gets to do a few midget jokes). Paul does a Halloween version of the song "Kids" from Bye Bye Birdie and he is mighty campy and gay throughout the whole special.

Overall, this show was extremely strange. 

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