Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 - THE PROPOSAL a painless entertaining timekiller

The story is ridiculous, the settings are a little to unbelievable and it shoots for some pretty easy laughs at times, but this is an undemanding and entertaining movie. What totally saves this movie is the professionalism of the cast. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds know how to play light comedy. Even during the weaker moments of the script they generally save the day. They have to create a believability that the rest of the cast doesn't even attempt. Betty White is entertaining as the feisty grandmother and it's a fun scene stealing role, but Ryan and Bullock actually provide the context to her part, her character could have gotten tiresome very quickly. Even Malin Ackerman as the ex-girlfriend who was completely horrible in Watchmen, is not to bad.
To call this a "chick flick" or a "woman's picture" is actually a little unfair to the movie. This movie was crafted only to entertain an audience. Since I saw mostly "robots fighting humans" crap this summer,it was a relief to see a movie with a little less testosterone and motor oil.

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