Saturday, September 26, 2009

1916 - JUDEX a film serial in 12 parts-prologue through episode 3

Louis Feuillade's serial filmed before World War 1 the prologue and first three chapters set up the storyline. A corrupt banker with a beautiful but clueless daughter is threatened with death by the avenger Judex if he doesn't turn over his money to the poor.

Judex drugs the banker Favraux and fakes his death holding him captive at his secret base. The banker's daughter Jacqueline thinking her father dead relocates to Paris where she's a victim of a gang of crooks led by the evil Diana Monti.

Judex and his brother Roger (?) rescue Jacqueline with a pack of trained dogs that locate and take her to safety. Episode 3 ends with Judex starting to fall in love with Jacqueline.

So far entertaining and fast moving.

The total serial running length is 300 minutes, so probably the first three chapters are about 100 minutes.

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