Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1990 - BLUE PLANET IMAX ok I had no business watching this on my TV

Why did I waste my time? A movie made for an IMAX theater has no business being seen on my TV at home. That said...this movie sucked.

If not for the IMAX format this would be the kind of thing a lazy science teacher would make his class watch if the teacher wasn't feeling like teaching that day. The film shows views of different parts of the world from space. Here's Japan, we then get scenes of scenery in Japan and so on. "Our world is a special place" our narrator says over and over as if to reinforce the point to some misbehaving 12 year olds. The writing is pitched towards a 4th grade audience and the droning voice of the female blathering in the background could put people to sleep if she were doing color commentary at a football game.

No one goes to IMAX movies for the storytelling but this was very pathetic film making. Directed by legendary sound designer Ben Burtt who had worked on the Star Wars films

 42 minutes.

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