Saturday, July 4, 2015

1975 - BRANNIGAN, John Wayne cop movie set in London.

John Wayne sleepwalks through this cop film set in England and lets face it this isn't one of his best films but compared to some of the junk out there this is entertaining and has a fun supporting cast of British actors.

Brannigan is one of those "I know where the plot is going" films.  Duke is in London to bring back bad guy John Vernon to Chicago.  He clashes with Scotland Yard superintendent Richard Attenborough and has former late 60's British babe Judy Geeson who still looks pretty good, as his side kick.  By the time Wayne hit his mid 40's he was no longer comfortable playing love scenes especially with younger actresses.  In Brannigan there is a very mild and chaste flirtation that suits the actor who was in his late 60's when this was filmed.

The film was directed by Douglas Hickox who apparently got along very well with Wayne who had a tendency to direct himself as he got older.  Hickox keeps the action moving along with scenes like a car chase that ends up at the Tower Bridge and a completely anachronistic bar fight at an English Pub.

Brannigan runs longer than it probably should but is an entertaining if minor film in John Wayne's career.

111 minutes.

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