Saturday, July 4, 2015

1960 - SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER, aka Tirez sur le pianiste.

Truffaut makes a film in the American thriller noir style for the first time.  Shoot the Piano Player is filmed in a rather free wheeling style which is to be expected from one of the New Wave directors.  There are a lot of little film jokes and tricks with film editing that really call attention to itself.  But Truffaut was smart enough to keep this film around 90 minutes because a little of this stuff goes a long way especially from a French film nut.

The film has some notable photography from Raoul Coutard who was an expert when it came to making something out of nothing.  Coutard knew who shoot with almost no supplemental lighting and was an expert with the hand held camera.  At times the film has a real documentary flair to it.

92 minutes.

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