Saturday, May 30, 2015

2005 - A SOUND OF THUNDER, B movie time.

A mighty disappointing adaptation of the very good and maybe even classic Ray Bradbury short story about time traveling hunters who journey back to the Cretaceous Era to hunt dinosaurs.  The catch is that the hunters cannot interfere in the natural development of evolution as they might cause changes to their present day time period.  Bradbury cleverly works this out and shows the consequences of interfering with history. 

What could have been the basis for a good science fiction adventure story ended up as a cheap B movie looking mess.  Apparently the budget was cut during the production of the film and it sure shows with some very poor special effects.  This is the price of computer generated imagery done on the cheap.

That said, the film stuck in some kind of B movie hell hole is actually kind of watchable.  Ray Bradbury's basic plot is such a strong one even a film as poor as this can't entirely ruin it.

What to say about the cast, really not much.  Independent filmmaker Edward Burns is our sturdy scientist hero trying to fix history and because there has to be a girl some British actress named Catherine McCormack is his little scientist helper person.  Only Ben Kingsley as the head of "Time Safari" the time traveling company is any fun as the oily head of the company who wants to make a buck, time travel history interference be damned.

110 minutes.

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