Friday, May 29, 2015

1962 - HERO'S ISLAND - a very odd pirate film maybe?

Well the cast is certainly interesting and unusual.  James Mason, Rip Torn, Neville Brand, Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton and some actor named Kate Manx who was the wife of the writer/director Leslie Stevens.  The plot of this film has something to do with a family trying to start a new life on an island off of the Carolina coast.  They become involved with some poachers, a pirate and Neville Brand as some kind of bad ass.

Frankly this film is weird and kind of a mess.  Leslie Stevens was the creator of The Outer Limits and the auteur behind the very strange horror film Incubus a film with the dialog spoken entirely in "Esperanto" an odd ball auxiliary language.  So the viewer should know what they are getting into.

I guess this is a pirate movie since James Mason plays a pirate.  The acting is kind of stiff, the film looks like it was filmed on location the action is spotty and not particularly well staged.   Frankly Hero's Island is a real muddle.  What keeps the film going is the interesting cast at the beginning of their careers.

I can remember seeing this film at a Saturday matinee for kids of all places.  I didn't understand it at the time and 40 plus years later the film still doesn't make any sense.

94 minutes.

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