Saturday, October 4, 2014

1988 - THE PRESIDIO, because some one has to watch this stuff

A mystery set on the now dismantled army base Presidio in San Francisco.  The only reason to watch this thing is because Sean Connery is the lead in the film and that's not much of a reason.  Otherwise, the film is an uninteresting action mystery.

Besides casting Connery it's clear that the other leads Mark Harmon and Meg Ryan were hired to draw in a younger audience with the promise of watching a couple of supposedly sexy young actors generate some heat.  Harmon's career in film never really took off, he was just a little more bland then usual for a white guy in the movies.  Mark Harmon ended up back on TV a few years later.  What can you say about Meg Ryan?  She was the perfect bland Hollywood leading lady until she committed the sin of growing old.

The mystery in this film isn't very interesting, the car chase isn't very interesting, the action scenes aren't very interesting the whole film just ticks along to the big resolution which wraps up with a boring machine gun fight.  When you can't make a machine gun fight interesting you have a big problem. 

Just another cookie cutter action film.

97 minutes. 

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