Saturday, October 4, 2014

1954 - DIAL M FOR MURDER, a very good Hitchcock film.

Not very much to write about on this one.  Dial M for Murder is now regarding as one of Hitchcock's best films.

As previously discussed by a lot of film scholars and critics, Hitchcock took a one set play by the author Frederick Knott and with clever use of camera angles and lighting was able to make the play looks like a film.  A lot of film scholars think this is the Hitchcock film to study if you want to learn about film technique.

Hitchcock always claimed that he could have phoned this film in.  He apparently was planning Rear Window while making this film but rewatching this film it's hard to believe he wasn't engaged in this production.  The film was made during the 3-D craze and Hitchcock got stuck with filming in 3-D which he used rather subtlety probably a little to subtlety as it turned out.  I saw the film in 3-D many years ago and after watching it I wasn't exactly sure what the 3-D brought to the film going experience.

Dial M for Murder is a very good film made by a master of the film medium.

105 minutes.

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