Friday, March 14, 2014

2013 - MAN OF STEEL, It's another Superman movie

An elaborate remake of the Christopher Reeve Superman II film and is it ever elaborate. Stuff gets smashed, a lot of stuff.  Superman fights his nemesis evil General Zod.  Lois Lane still can't stay out of trouble.  Perry White has a race change, he's now a black man instead of an old white guy.  Jimmy Olson has a sex change she's now called Jenny Olson.  The one thing that hasn't changed is a movie studio's need to get yet another super-hero franchise going.

The main trouble with this Superman film is that it wants to top every other Superman film.  So you get lots and lots of spectacular destruction effects and they go on forever.  The film was criticized for using 911 imagery as entertainment and I would have to agree with that.  The other thing this film can be criticized for is it's real lack of humor.  I think there were probably 1 or 2 jokes in a film that runs over 2 hours.  This is just some real serious stuff even though it involves a guy running around in a cape and tights for most of running time.

I can't see where they thought they could go to make a series out of Superman after this elaborate film.  Superman has already taken out a super bad guy equal to him so who does he take on next God?  Apparently they are going to team him up with Batman since that series came to an end but who really cares about that except Warner Brothers studio which is hoping to make a lot of super cash with those two in the same movie.

143 minutes.

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