Sunday, March 2, 2014

1967 - THE CHAMPAGNE MURDERS, is not one of the better Chabrol films

Claude Chabrol filmed this thriller about murder in a family running a champagne vineyard.  This film was shot simultaneously in French and English.  The English version which I saw is a little shall we say stilted.

The story is also very slow moving with things finally picking up during the second half of the film.  Chabrol was usually compared to Hitchcock when he moved into the suspense genre but Chabrol himself felt that Fritz Lang was more of an influence on his films.

The cast of The Champagne Murders included Stephanie Audran, Chabrol's wife at the time and Anthony Perkins which probably had a lot to do with comparing this film to a Hitchcock thriller. 

Not the best Chabrol film that I have seen but it has it's moments particularly the stunning overhead shot towards the end of the film. 

105 minutes

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