Wednesday, September 18, 2013


North Sea Hijack or whatever it's called is a really old school film.  The director Andrew V, McLaglen was an old TV director who ended up being John Wayne's go to guy towards the end of his film career.  Roger Moore, James Mason and Anthony Perkins were products of the old studio system and the whole production had a distinctly old fashioned feeling to it.

The film is actually kind of entertaining.  Perkins is the head of a gang attempting to extort money from the British government by threatening to blow up a couple of their North Sea oil platforms.  Roger Moore is the leader of a group of commandos assigned to stop them. 

Roger Moore is playing against his usual suave leading man type i.e. James Bond.  He's supposed to be an eccentric misogynist who only loves cats however Roger really doesn't have the acting chops to make that kind of character likable much less credible.

Victor McLaglen shoots the film like every other film he's worked on, straightforward and with no imagination.  He barely gets the job done but he does get it done.

100 minutes

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Peter L. Winkler said...

Victor McLaglen was director Andrew's father.