Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1970- COLD SWEAT, typical international action thriller.

LIv Ullmann has worked with many distinguished leading men in her career, Max Von Sydow, Gunner Bjornstrand, and Laurence Olivier.  Clearly the next step in her distinguished career was to match her formidable acting skills with one of the 1970's most popular leading men, Charles Bronson.

Cold Sweat has Ullmann, Bronson, and James Mason.  It was directed by Terence Young who in his better days had worked on the early James Bond films with Sean Connery.  This film is one of those international "Euro Crime" films, heavy on the action and very light on an actual plot that sort of makes sense.

Charles Bronson is comfortable beating people up, breaking necks and generally being a tough guy, but Liv Ullmann seems completely out of her element in this kind of film.  As far as playing Charles Bronson's wife, she has zero chemistry, no hugging or kissing or any of that affection stuff.  It's probably safe to say this was strictly "a take the money and run" acting job. 

 As usual with these kinds of films they are filmed on glamorous or exotic locations.  In this case the French Riviera.  One can assume the cast and crew had a very nice stay during the production. 

94 minutes

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