Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1975 - THE MAN FROM HONG KONG, a great action film

A very entertaining R rated action movie from Hong Kong and Australia.  This is the standard story about a police detective doing the "fish out of water" thing hunting down a crime lord in Australia.  But what this film is really about is watching a good action flick without any of the over done computer assisted special effects that have pretty much knocked the reality out of the action film genre.

Actual fights and car chases were the real thing back in the 1970's with stuntmen risking their lives in the service of entertaining an ever jaded movie audience.  This is an excellent example of some high risk stunts performed by stuntmen and in some case actors.  Apparently the filmmakers actually set the actor George Lazenby on fire at one point.

The star, Jimmy Wang-Yu has been described as an actor with a "colorful" personal life.  This is usually code for "he was a big prick." If his Kung Fu style isn't as slick as Jackie Chan or Jet Li, it's still exciting to watch and probably a little less staged and balletic making it look a lot realistic.

A very impressive film.

111 action packed minutes

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