Wednesday, June 7, 2017

1953 - KISS ME KATE, a good musical

MGM and director George Sidney did a very good job filming this Cole Porter musical.  The songs are good, the dancing is great and the film has that overall MGM polish that they always gave their films.

The starts were Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson who were acting together for the third time in a musical.  Grayson was a soprano and Keel was a baritone.  Their bombastic style made them a pretty good match when it came to singing together.

Kiss Me Kate is noted for the dancing and choreography of Bob Fosse.  Fosse did a little two minute bit where you can see the start of his finger snapping and strutting style.  But really all the dancers are  excellent particularly Ann Miller a very good tap dancer and Tommy Rall who was no slouch when it came to dancing.

The film was shot in the silly 3-D process then released flat as the bottom feel out of the 3-D market.  You can see the scenes where they are throwing stuff at the camera and other such nonsense but this doesn't distract from the quality of the film.

109 minutes

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