Tuesday, August 30, 2016

1958 - TEENAGE CAVE MAN - another Corman quicky

Not the worst film ever made as stated by its star Robert Vaughn but you can tell that Roger Corman knocked this thing out in a few days.

Vaughn looking like one of the best groomed cavemen in the movies.  Sulks around for about an hour with a goofy bow and arrow that he invents.  He and his fellow cavemen are searching for food.  It seems that across the river is a lush land of fruit and vegetables but caveman law will not allow anyone to go there

Naturally Vaughn, not only being a caveman is also a rebel caveman as well.  So off he goes across the river where he encounters a monster.  The monster is a typical low budget Corman touch and provides the twist ending to this epic.

Cheaply made, the film has the major virtue of being barely over an hour in its running time.

65 minutes

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