Friday, July 29, 2016

2006 - SEARCHING FOR ORSON, another Orson Welles documentary

Another trip down the never ending road of the film career Orson Welles.  This documentary looks at his later years when one project after another was left unfinished for various reasons.

This film focuses on the relationship of Orson Welles and his "companion" Oja Kodar.  The film has the usual talking head bunch of Hollywood personalities such as Spielberg, Bogdanovich, Merv Griffin etc.

There really isn't a whole lot here.  I think most filmmakers would acknowledge that Welles was a master of the cinema.  I don't think anyone needs Spielberg to tell them that.  A few hours watching DVD's of his completed films would more than get the point across.

As always these documentaries seem to find tantalizing scenes of unfinished Welles films.  Pieces of The Dreamers, Don Quoxite, The Deep, The Merchant of Venice and The Other Side of the Wind show up throughout this film.  These unfinished films look fascinating and it's unfortunate they were never completed.

80 minutes

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