Saturday, December 19, 2015


Preparing for the new Star Wars film and thought I would sit through the first three films.
So called episode 4 plays pretty good.  This was the enhanced version that George Lucas fooled around with adding more digital stuff to the film and so scenes that were previously cut.  Adding all this junk really didn't do anything for his film but it didn't hurt it. 

The cast looks incredibly young and The idea to add Peter Cushing and especially Alec Guinness was an inspired idea.  They brought some gravitas to what could have been a very silly film.  The trend setting computerized special effect were also a big deal at the time.  Before this with the exception of 2001:  A Space Odyssey did a science fiction film look this good.

It didn't escape many critics that Lucas "borrowed" from a lot of other films.  If is a film buff's dream to do a spot the reference to other movies particularly the final attack on the Death Star which is a mix of The Dam Busters and 633 Squadron.

Like I said the film still plays pretty well.

121 minutes.

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