Saturday, October 31, 2015

1978 - HALLOWEEN, finally got around to watching this one

Another good looking Blu Ray.  I've put off watching this horror film for years since I am not really a horror film kind of guy.  Have to admit John Carpenter did a very good job with this film considering what he had to work with.

Carpenter essentially had to tease the audience for over an hour before he started in with the killings.  Much to my surprise there are only three dead teenagers in the original Halloween.  The acting of the cast is hit or miss.  I never thought I would watch a film where Donald Pleasence was the headliner. 
Jamie Lee Curtis is a pretty tough little cookie with a brain in her head.  The rest of the cast seems to have a rather limited range of emotions and as is expected in this genre the women are the ones who have to show some skin.

There is an unintentionally hilarious moment where Curtis discovers the bodies of her dead friends but overall the film is pretty good with the suspense and terror stuff.

91 minutes.

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