Sunday, December 21, 2014


More from the Christmas clone machine with a few twists.  This one was filmed in Canada with Vancouver subbing for New York City so at least there is snow on the ground.

The cast is not that bad.  Mark Ruffalo who now plays The Hulk in those Marvel movies is the lead.  The Hulk character is either a step up from bad Christmas movies or a step down for Ruffalo.  Mary Stuart Masterson is the female lead.  She's a shoplifter who plays the Aunt to yet another child actress.  Masterson  is trying to raise the kid by making the peculiar parenting choice of teaching her to shoplift.  She gets caught by the Hulk guy and in a very contrived situation has to spend the Christmas holiday with him.  Guess what's going to happen next?

Just more of the same in this movie.  The 2nd Day of Christmas is competently directed by James Frawley who has had a long career directing TV shows and movies.  He directed the first Muppet movie and that funny cult classic The Big Bus.  So at least this thing is well made.

96 Minutes.

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