Saturday, February 8, 2014

2009 - THE MILLENNIUM SERIES, is 9 hours long by the way

The three book series is turned into a three film series.  The films focus on the character of Lizabeth Salander, the rather strange goth/bisexual/computer hacker. The Millennium Series is essentially the three theatrical films based on the books with additional scenes added to each film to pad out the running time.

The first film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo introduces the character of Lisbeth Salander probably one of the most put upon characters in the history of Swedish drama.  Raped and molested by her guardian, neglected by the state Salander is really damaged goods.  However Salander is also a brilliant computer hacker who in one of those lazy plot devices can break into anyone's computer.  In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Salander teams up with a Bob Woodward like investigative reporter called Mikael Blomvkist to investigate the death of a woman over 40 years ago.  The contrived plot features fascists and serial killers. 

The second film, The Girl Who Played with Fire focuses on the background of Lizabeth Salander who is starting to come off as some sort of super hero who would probably fit in with the gang in The Avengers.  In addition to her computer hacking skills, Salander now has fighting skills and can survive being shot several times.  The story in this film has something to do with women being sold into some sort of sexual slavery while Blomvkist unravels Salander's previous life which leads into some sort of vast government conspiracy.

The final film The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest has a plot that would rival a John Le Carre  novel with spies spying on other spies who are spying on other spies.  The film features an evil genius and a deadly and unstoppable henchman.  These guys would easily fit into a James Bond film.

Was watching this series worth the time?  Well the acting is pretty good, the films are well made. The biggest liability seems to be that the story gets more convoluted and unbelievable as the series progresses.  I will admit that the films kept me watching but at times all the physical and sexual abuse heaped on the Lizabeth Salander character got to be a little too much.

540 minutes.

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