Sunday, December 15, 2013

1932 - THIRTEEN WOMEN, a fascinating film mixing hypnosis and horoscopes

Short and sweet.  This odd drama features American actor Myrna Loy during the odd part of her career where she was frequently cast as mysterious Asian women.  Loy plays a woman who was ostracized by her classmates at a girls boarding school.  Years later, Loy decides to have her revenge on 13 of her classmates through seduction, hypnosis and the power of suggestion which involves sending them horoscopes which predict their deaths.

Thirteen Women is barely and hour and zips along at a very fast pace.  The scheming Loy is fun to watch especially when she goes after goody two shoes Irene Dunne.  Unfortunately the dictates of a Hollywood studio film decree that all American actor Irene Dunne will come out on top.

59 minutes.

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