Sunday, August 25, 2013

1971 - TWINS OF EVIL, Hammer vampire stuff this time with Playboy centerfolds

One of Hammer's attempts to stay relevant and popular into the 1970's.  Twins of Evil is the usual vampire stuff with the added attraction of seeing twin sisters romp around half or in some cases not even half dressed.

Mary and Madeleine Collinson were apparently the first set of identical twins to romp around nude in a Playboy centerfold spread.  There seems to be something a little distasteful about posing naked with your twin sister for college students and middle aged men to slobber over but I guess I'm showing my middle class small mindedness.

Anyway, the story does move along a quick 90 minutes.  There are the usual witch hunts and vampire biting scenes.  Peter Cushing shows up as some sort of Puritan religious fanatic the sexy twin sisters have to live with.  Cushing is reliable as usual savings these kinds of films. 

The bottom line, lots of cleavage shots of the twin sisters, the usual vampire stake through the heart stuff and bright garish color that Hammer studios was so good at.  It could have ended up a lot worse and in fact it did as Hammer moved into it's lesbian vampire phase with The Vampire Lovers.

87 minutes.

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