Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1972 - THE STONE TAPE, Nigel Kneale rehashes Nigel Kneale

Pretty big letdown from Nigel Kneale.  This story is about a team of scientists trying to track down the nature of an occult phenomena occurring in a mysterious castle,  basically a reworking of Quartermass and the Pit

All of Kneale's favorite situations are here; the Quartermass like leader bullying everyone around as they try to get to the bottom of the mystery.  A female scientist who is psychically linked to the ghost and Kneale's usual theme of science vs the supernatural. 

This story was filmed by the BBC on videotape, which always tended to make their productions look kind of cheap.  For some reason videotape makes sets look very fake and even when scenes are filmed outside those scenes look like they belong in a home movie.

The chief problem with this film is Nigel Kneale.  His characters are pretty much stereotypes from earlier science fiction films.  His attempts at humor, in particular an ongoing joke about a completely automated washing machine are not funny.  Even the concept of the ghostly images isn't really that interesting.

A big disappointment.

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