Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 - BABIES, not as god awful as it could have been

Took my spouse to a film last night.  She had her choice between Survival of the Dead or Babies.  My short review follows below. 

Four babies are followed in the first year of their lives.  One in Mongolia, one in San Francisco, one in Tokyo and one in some hell hole in Africa.  The film has nice photography and no narration.  That's about it.

The babies in Mongolia and Africa are more interesting to follow than the babies in the westernized societies of Tokyo and San Francisco.  Some of the scenes look kind of staged to me particularly the ones involving animals.  The babies appear to have been picked for their cuteness. 

 The filmmakers have clearly edited out all of the boring and not so cute kid stuff.  There are no scenes of endless loads of laundry being done.  There are also no scenes of the homes constantly being messy.   The babies never seem like a handful.

In short, this film is as unreal as Solaris.

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