Sunday, December 15, 2013

1982 - 48 HOURS - doesn't hold up.

I actually thought this was a good film when it originally came out and I am embarrassed to say I saw it twice that summer.  Watching it the other night it now seems like an offensive misogynistic mess.

This is the film that supposedly started the action buddy comedy genre.  Take a couple of mismatched characters and put them into an improbable plot and let the good times roll.  Nick Nolte is the tough hard drinking cop whose gun has been stolen by some really mean bad guys.  Nolte springs convict Eddie Murphy to help him track down these evil doers.

48 Hours is the film that kick started the film career of Eddie Murphy who went onto such cinematic acclaim with films like, The Golden Child, Doctor Doolittle 2, Nutty Professor II:  The Klumps, Beverly Hills Cop III and The Adventures of Pluto Nash.  Nolte who grunts and chain smokes his way through the film as an alcoholic cop apparently took the role to heart and in real life became and alcoholic.

The director Walter Hill was a film maker who made stylish and interesting action films not unlike those of Howard Hawks where men are men and follow a code of very macho ethics.  48 Hours is one of his least interesting films.  Hill juices up the gunfights with lots of smoke and atmosphere to make the film seem more important than it is.  However the most offensive thing about this film is it's extremely degrading and sickening treatment of women.

96 minutes.

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