Thursday, June 21, 2012

1962 - RED NIGHTMARE, defense department film about commies ain't subtle

This one's been kicking around the Internet for a while.  Red Nightmare was a defense department propaganda piece about the dangers of communism.  The film is narrated by Jack Webb in his "Joe Friday" voice.

Apparently in the middle of the Soviet Union circa 1960, a replica of a typical Midwestern town is being used by the Russkies to educate would be spies and saboteurs about the American way of life for their own sinister purposes.  But enough of that fear mongering , lets get to the actual story.

Good old American citizen Jerry Donovan takes his family and his freedom for granted in some nondescript middle American town.  But he is about to learn a lesson.  One night AKA It's a Wonderful Life.  He finds himself living in a country controlled by commies.  Jerry races around small town USA and finds that the ordinary citizens which include his family are acting like a bunch of mind controlled robots.  Arrested by the secret police and put on trial, Jerry makes an impassioned speech about the loss of his rights.  As he is being executed by authorities, he wakes up to find it was all a dream.  Jerry has learned his lesson about liberty. 

Red Nightmare may have been produced by the Defense Department, but it is a Warner Brothers film all the way. The writer, director and actors were all from the studio and apparently the whole thing was actually supervised by Jack Warner himself.

Red Nightmare would be a great double feature with Warner's left wing piece of  propaganda film Mission to Moscow.  It would be a something for everyone kind of movie night for leftie nuts and right wing extremists.

25 minutes

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