Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1965 - CRACK IN THE WORLD, entertaining old fashioned science fiction

Dumb scientists trying to tap into the Earth's unlimited energy supply get the big idea to shoot a nuclear missile down into the Earth's core, mayhem results.

You don't see this anymore in science fiction, a reasonable amount of time devoted to character development, a love triangle, a cool underground base and old school special effects using landscape miniatures and models and all of it pretty well done. 

The director is Andrew Marton, the famous Hollywood 2nd unit director who was an expert at staging battle and action scenes in films.  Marton worked on the chariot race in Ben Hur, the battle scenes in Kelly's Heroes, The Fall of the Roman Empire and 55 Days at Peking.  If a film needed someone to blow things up Marton was your man.  He was the perfect director to destroy the world in this film.

A well paced entertaining film.

96 cracking minutes.

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