Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 - THE A TEAM feature version TV show, that's not a compliment

Beating a dead horse even deader here's my review for The A Team.  Your typical attempt at cashing in on the summer film viewing season.  Take an old TV show, hire a once promising director, spend money on a semi hip cast and throw in a lot of over the top action scenes and computer generated images and a another summer disappointment is stillborn.

The director Joe Carnahan, was once thought to be an up and coming talent, but he's strictly a by the numbers studio film director now.

Jessica Biel gets to play "the girl" in this film, because summer movies have a girl, naturally she has about as much to do with the plot as a snowball belongs in August.  For a woman who was once voted one of the sexiest woman alive or something like that, she looks thin and very gaunt in the face, over exercising at the gym I'm afraid.

Nothing bad about it and nothing  good, pretty much a time killer.

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